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Our preschool program provides students with the opportunity to use their five senses for learning, thereby reinforcing their impressions and the belief that the hand is an instrument of the mind.  Basic Curriculum components in the Montessori program include: practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language arts, science and cultural studies.  All of these subjects are taught in an age and ability appropriate manner.


Our elementary program consists of an educational environment in our Kindergarten and Elementary grade levels were designed to help children develop as total human beings.  The environment is structured in a way that will cultivate the children’s own natural desire to learn.

Special didactic materials used in the Montessori environment meet this objective by allowing the child to perfect his/her own natural tools for learning.  The Montessori materials have a long-range purpose as well as immediate goal of providing the child with specific information while maintaining enthusiasm for learning.

Day Care

We also offer morning and afternoon day care, for both elementary and preschool students.

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